About us

We are Shaub & Fischer, a European brand created in 2008 with a simple mission:
to offer full prescription designer glasses online at a fraction of the price you’d pay on any other store.

Eyewear for Everyone

We believe that everybody has the right to see well and to look good without having to pay too much for it. Also, we believe that buying new glasses should be easy and fun.

That’s why we set out to create an exclusive line of signature frames that make beautiful and functional design come to life. We draw inspiration form the unique aesthetic of the classic frames and give them a modern twist, making our glasses elegant, effortlessly stylish and contemporary, yet with a timeless appeal.

Buying glasses online from Shaub & Fischer is super simple. You simply have to select your favourite frame, enter your prescription information and your new glasses will be shipped to you in no time!

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But how do we make our prices so affordable?

We believe in transparency, so here it goes:

Unlike most stores, we design our own frames in-house and assemble your glasses in our very own production facility in Portugal with advanced prescription and edging labs.

We cut out the middlemen and pass the savings on to you instead. That’s how we can offer you exceptional value for your money.

Quality eyewear at a fair price. It’s that simple.